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Walking Tours in Barcelona – Small Groups

Walking Tours in Barcelona – Small Groups

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Introducing the Panda Style: our small group walking tours in Barcelona

If you’ve landed on this site, it’s probably because you were looking for walking tours in Barcelona for the great trip that you are now preparing. So, congrats! You’ve found what you’ve been looking for! At The Touring Pandas, we’ve created the Panda Style tours: a way to travel hassle-free and with lots of fun. 

What are “Panda Style tours”? Keep reading!

Having worked and lived in Barcelona for many years, too often we’ve seen there are two predominant scenarios for East Asians when they travel to Europe:

1. The Cattle Style

Walking Tours in Barcelon Cattle Style

Although this is a trend that people are abandoning, it is still a reality! Laaaarge groups of tourists that come to Spain, ride a bus, and drive through a dozen of Spanish cities in 10 days. And with little or no room to enjoy the destination and everything it has to offer.

Times have changed, and we don’t want to be tourists anymore: we want to be travellers! The tourist will be carried to the most iconic sites of a destination, take one picture, and then get dragged to the next.

Whereas the experienced traveller wants to enjoy a tour, take some time to contemplate the wonders of a new destination, sit on a terrace, enjoy a drink… To sum up: savour life!

We think it is impossible to achieve this when you have a tight schedule that you share with fifty more people. And that’s why nowadays more and more people feel more prepared and want to plan a tour on their own… which opens the door to the second scenario.

2. The Lost in Translation Style

So, we’ve done our homework! Since we decided two months ago that Barcelona would be our next destination, we’ve been preparing THE perfect walking tours in Barcelona. And we’ve done it on our own because we are experienced travellers!

But… once we arrive at the destination, everything looks so different! Even though we can speak English, some Spanish people don’t. And if they do, there’s still a cultural gap between us that makes it very difficult to understand each other.

Walking Tours in Barcelona lost in translation style

We can handle daily life situations, but the heritage of Barcelona is really vast, and its architecture very delicate. It’s nice to have somebody that can show us around and explain in our own language where all this creativity and colours come from!

We can of course get a good guidebook. But how will our experience be different than that of other thousands of travellers that got the same book? Isn’t it better to have an actual human being telling us about her or his city? This is when the Pandas come in: these are the steps to…

3. The Panda Style!

It’s time now to explain what out tours look like. This new way of travel is made of three main ingredients:

The Panda Tour Guides

The Pandas are local guides that have been travellers like you before. For different reasons, they got in touch with Japanese, Korean or Chinese culture and they fell in love with it. They have lived and experienced Asian destinations, and they felt the warmth and hospitality of their people.

They are back in Barcelona and they have a chance to give this love back by showing you around from a local perspective. The Pandas know the city secrets, the hidden gems, the best places to take amazing pictures. And of course, the best bars to enjoy a tapa, how to eat churros con chocolate proThis is the Panda Style!perly, and much more!

Our walking tours in Barcelona wouldn’t be the same without the Panda Guides!

Small Groups

The second Panda rule is: no more crowds! We believe that East Asians face two options now when it comes to organized activities in-destination. First, big groups with no personalization, where the guides are usually stressed because they have to control so many people. Second, premium activities that are very costly and sometimes unaffordable.

We believe that it is nice to be able to join a small group to do an activity and meet other people during your trip. The people you know when you travel become friends for the future. But we do this in small group tours in order to preserve comfort and friendliness from our guides: and at an affordable price!

Don’t miss a word – Tours in your own language!

And last, but not least, all this in your own language! We’re the only tour organisers that focus especially on Chinese, Korean, and Japanese travellers. Barcelona has a lot of stories to tell, and by doing this in your own language you’ll be able to grasp every detail.

Also, thanks to the reduced size of our small group tours you can set your curiosity free. Ask about anecdotes, tips, advise on your visits… And we’ll also help you skip the long lines for some of the most acclaimed monuments in the city, like Casa Batlló or Sagrada Familia.

Are you ready to go the Panda Style? We invite you to navigate our site and discover our small group tours. Also, in this blog you’ll find many tips to make the most out of your trip: how to move around, where to eat, how to find the best spots to take outstanding pictures, and much more.

We also have a selection of the best activities with skip-the-line tickets, and we’re happy to hear from you through our email box if you haven’t found what you were looking for! The Touring Pandas are looking forward to welcoming you!

If you liked our post, recommend it to your friends and learn more Barcelona tips in our Panda Blog! Remember you can also take our tours to discover the best attractions in Barcelona from a local perspective. Use our Panda coupon in your language to get a 10% discount!

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